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Menopause at Work

Considering menopausal women are the fastest growing workplace demographic, here at JAM, we think it’s time to raise more awareness and encourage women to speak out about it… especially when studies show that 1 in 4 women consider leaving work due to the menopause.

Menopause symptoms and how to help!

As symptoms range from thinning hair and dry skin to sleepless nights, we believe its vital that there is an awareness in the workplace of how to accommodate women going through the menopause and ensure they feel comfortable in work.

The CIPD suggests giving women a later start at work if they have suffered from loss of sleep, as 64% of women going through the menopause do. They also suggest ensuring women can take regular comfort breaks and adjust their uniform to improve comfort levels. Fans are recommended to be available in the workplace, so that they are accessible for women if needed throughout the day.

Here at JAM, we think it’s not only important that women feel comfortable in the workplace but that they also feel able to speak to their line manager or colleagues if they are suffering.  However, the vast majority aren’t educated on this topic. This makes it difficult for women to confide in their peers. With limited knowledge on what it truly involves, others struggle to understand what it’s like for the women going through it. At JAM we’re keen to change this, and improve the knowledge and understanding of the menopause, meaning colleagues can sympathise and accommodate where necessary to the women going through it.

Did you know..?

  • 52% of women going through the menopause admitted they felt less patient with clients and colleagues – remember to be understanding!
  • 65% of women going through the menopause admitted they were less able to concentrate – remember to be patient!
  • 58% of women going through the menopause admitted they experience more stress – remember to be more thoughtful!

With around 4.4 million women aged 50-64 in work in the UK right now, it’s important that this issue is addressed in the correct way to improve the quality of working life for women now and the future.

As a manager or a colleague, remember to always listen and recognise the signs and symptoms of menopause! Make sure you are approachable and sympathetic so that a colleague feels comfortable enough to confide in you and trust you to help them where necessary.

For more information on helping you retain valuable talent by supporting women throughout the menopause, download the CIPD guide.

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