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Health and Fitness for Busy People

Are you struggling to keep fit because of a busy schedule? Do you find yourself sat at your desk for hours on end? We understand that life can sometimes get in the way of your health and fitness regime and staying fit and healthy can be an uphill struggle when you’re busy.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to take that long and you don’t need to make drastic life changes to be healthy! Keep reading to find out how you can incorporate better health and fitness into your day to day routine.

Skip the snooze button in the morning and kickstart your day with a quick home workout!

Although the snooze button may seem tempting, many sleep experts agree that it can contribute to higher levels of tiredness. Instead, have a glass of water as soon as you wake from your slumber to rehydrate, fuel the brain and increase your levels of alertness.

The time you gain from avoiding the snooze button could even allow for quick home workout which will not only help keep you fit, but your endorphins will also keep you energised long into your working day! Depending on your levels of fitness, you could try a HIIT workout, or simply a morning stretch.

Build activity into your commute!

As many people use public transport or drive to work, it can sometimes prove hard to incorporate exercise. Why not try getting off the bus or train a stop earlier, or if you’re driving, parking further away than normal and walking from there? If you want to go the extra mile you could even cycle to work…  this is proven especially beneficial with study showing that those who cycle to work have a 45% lower chance of developing cancer than those who travel by car or public transport!

Move more during your work day!

Many people working in offices spend the majority of their day sat at their desk, not realising they are missing out on multiple opportunities to stretch their legs and get some exercise.

Are your days filled with meetings? Why not swap the boardroom and try to introduce walking meetings?

Does your office have more than one floor? Take the stairs! 7 minutes stair climbing a day has been estimated to more than half the risk of a heart attack over 10 years! And do your inbox a favour, avoid email tennis by simply walking over to your colleague’s desk if they’re in the same building.

Always take advantage of your lunch break. A brisk 30-minute walk or a 20 minute HIIT session will recharge your battery, and boost your productivity for the rest of the day!

Workout with your kids…

We know sometimes it can be hard to keep fit when your children are pulling you from pillar to post. Why not work out with them? Combining playtime with exercise occupies your child whilst keeping you both fit! There are so many activities you can enjoy with your child ranging from skipping, trampolining or even just taking a walk in the park. Why not include the whole family and play sports in the garden? Your options are limitless.

Planning meals in advance

The temptation to grab some fast food on your lunch break can be great, especially if you aren’t prepared. Instead, spend a little time at the weekend or evenings to prepare healthy lunches in advance that will leave you feeling full, satisfied and focused for the rest of the day.

The key to making your health and fitness regime work for you in the long term is to make it easy for yourself. And with a few simple lifestyle changes, you’ll soon find a balance that works for you!

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