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How to maintain good mental health as a software engineer

  • Publish Date: Posted 11 months ago

Programming demands high concentration and lots of thinking which can take a toll on software engineers' mental health. Therefore, it is essential that software engineers find different ways to maintain good mental health.

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from May 15th-21st, driving the theme of anxiety, one of the most common mental health issues we suffer from here in the UK. So, how do you take care of yourself, your mental health and your anxiety, as a software engineer?

Take regular breaks

With programming requiring intense concentration and patience, engineers should not refrain from taking breaks as this could lead to burnout or severe anxiety. These breaks should not involve any screen time. Try taking a walk, listening to a podcast or calling a friend for a chat.

Simply unplug from your programming and focus on something less strenuous, to offer your brain a chance to rest, this will not only help you relax but will help your overall performance as it gives your brain a chance to recharge,


Meditation is a fantastic medium for reducing stress and boosting our overall mental health because it allows for calmness and clarity in the present moment. Living for the present moment is what meditation is all about.

During our hectic lives, we sometimes forget to simply be in the moment. Mindfulness meditation has been found to improve our physical and mental health, reducing anxiety.


Regular exercise can improve your mood and boost your energy. Whilst software engineers spend a lot of their day sitting down at their screens, it is essential they get up and move their bodies when they are not working.

On top of this, exercising can offer a sense of accomplishment which aids in good mental health as well as releases dopamine relieves stress to make us happier. Creating your own personal exercise routine exercises will help you focus better in the long run, therefore positively impacting your work performance.

Choose a hobby you love

Take a break from your job to do something for you, that you love. Whether it is reading a novel, playing a game, baking some sweet treats or taking a class, your hobby time should be spent guilt-free and be enjoyed as your chosen time to do whatever your heart desires. The aim of a hobby is to make you feel happy, without causing any further stress or anxiety. Learn to commend and treat yourself after a hard-working day or week by indulging yourself in the activities you enjoy doing.

Final Thoughts

With various strategies to help software engineers cope with their mental health, it is important to not let your workload take over your life. Caring for your mental health properly will help you in all aspects of life, including your work life and performance.

High work performance and good mental health come hand in hand at the end of the day.