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How’s your recruitment marketing strategy? 4 tips

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

You probably have a marketing strategy for your business and selling your product, but do you have one for recruitment and attracting staff? Do you know how to boost your company's LinkedIn to attract candidates?

Recruitment marketing is much more than posting job ads and headhunting people on LinkedIn. Your employer brand should be the centre of your recruitment marketing if you want to compete in today’s vicious war for talent.

Your employer brand is how you come across as an employer–both to candidates and to current employees. It treats potential hires as potential customers, and presents working for you in the best possible light.

An example of a company with a great employer brand is Google. While you may not have quite the same budget for office perks, you can use many of the same strategies they do to make people want to work for you. Read on for our top tips.

#1: Communicate your Company Values and Culture

If you’re not sure what your company values are, write down some ideas. Ask yourself:

  • What do you offer to employees?

  • What’s your product and purpose?

  • What do employees value?

  • What are some of your accomplishments as a company?

Try to narrow your list down to the most important things–the things that make your company unique. Keep these in mind in all your recruitment marketing. Consider having a meaningful catchphrase for your employer brand (pizza place MOD’s “Join the MOD Squad” is a good one) and including a value statement on your careers site.

#2: Work on your Brand Image & Recognition

Brand image is how your brand is perceived. It’s the most important factor in attracting talent. Make sure you get the following right and consistent across all your recruitment marketing.

  • The visuals: logo, colours and fonts

  • What you offer (office space, benefits, etc.)

  • Tone of voice

  • Values and culture

  • Type of employee

Make sure this image reflects the values you chose in the previous step.

#3: Promote perks and benefits

Today’s employee perks are not just about fun stuff in the office. They’re about supporting employee wellbeing, flexibility, and a healthy work-life balance for both onsite and remote workers. Offering great benefits will turn your existing employees into brand ambassadors.

Show how enjoyable it is to work for you through team photos and videos. If your people are genuinely happy, it will come across.

#4: Share Content

There are some unwritten rules around sharing your recruitment marketing content. Here are the top three:


Whether it’s a blog on your own website or a guest post on another blog, writing articles is a great way to drive organic traffic to your careers site. Write about the hiring process and include links to your job openings where relevant. Make sure your content is original and useful so that it shows up on search rankings–it needs to be more than just a promo for your business.

Job boards

Posting on job boards will boost your visibility and SEO. They’re the most common channel in recruitment marketing, so competition is fierce. Keep your job descriptions clear, and avoid too many buzzwords and gimmicks.

Social media

Each social media platform has its own rules and vibe–Instagram, for example, demands appealing graphics or photos for each post. Research the best practices for each platform and make sure you post there regularly. Informal posts about your company culture will make people want to work for you.

As recruitment experts, we know how to market your roles to the right people, and we can promote your culture and values to attract top candidates. Get in touch today for a no-strings chat about your needs and how we can help you achieve your goals.