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Top 3 career paths in aerospace, defence, security and technology

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

Aerospace, defence, security and technology (ADS&T) are some of the most exciting and innovative fields to work in, and offer the chance to make a real difference. Here are three of the best career paths you can take in these sectors.

1. Project management

Project management skills, as well as project control and project scheduling, are highly sought-after across ADS&T, especially in aerospace and defence, where deregulation, globalisation and changes to military spending are shortening project deadlines.

There are many pathways into project management, including studying engineering, management or business administration, gaining experience of managing teams, schedules and budgets, or experience in a relevant industry.

2. Consulting

With digital transformation accelerating the ADS&T project lifecycle, organisations are looking for independent consultants to help them stay competitive in the digital world. Management consultants are needed to analyse data and guide digital transformation, particularly in the intelligence market.

There are also plenty of rules for safety consultants in systems, air traffic and WOME (weapon, ordnance, munitions and explosives), cyber security consultants, asset management consultants. and business change consultants supporting digital transformation.

3. Engineering

Again, engineers are needed in every corner of ADS&T, especially in aerospace, where innovation is booming and the demand for commercial aircraft is constant. Aerospace engineers with a focus on clean technologies are particularly sought after. Manual skills are being replaced by automation, electrification, and more focus than ever on innovation. Aerospace engineers typically need a relevant degree in aerospace or aeronautical engineering and a strong background in maths and physics.

The recent announcement of a UK aerospace Sector Deal proves how well the civil aerospace sector has bounced back from COVID. The UK is a world leader in aerospace manufacturing, with over 120,000 highly skilled jobs. With demand for passenger aircraft growing, those numbers are set to rise.

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