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Salary Survey 2022

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago

​Engineering is fast becoming one of the most in demand skills. But what kind of salary or day rate can an engineer expect, and what should you be paying to get the best?

The ranges given in the salary survey are intended to be a guide only. Local conditions, such as industry density, demographics and the local economic environment are all important factors. We are also proud to oer a free bespoke salary benchmark service (without obligation). This will take into consideration the specifics of a vacancy, the size of the organisation and team, the local economy, and a competitor analysis. This is undertaken independently by our in-house research department and specialist consultants.

The figures for this year’s salary survey were derived through a range of research and quantitative based techniques. These include:

• A review of the placements made by JAM in the past 6 months

• Local published vacancies

• Market knowledge of our consultants

• An in-depth survey conducted amongst clients and candidates on our database

In total, salaries of over 5000 people were considered.

Key Engineering Facts

• Contractors earn more, on average, than permanent workers

• The changes in regard to IR35 have not had such a dramatic impact

• Women on average are paid up to 10% less than men and are outnumbered 27:1

• The highest earners have at least 8 years experience.

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