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Why now is the time to be a Contractor in Embedded Software

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author: Jon Armstrong

In embedded software, 2021 looks set to be the year of the contractor – and whether you’re looking for work or looking to hire, it’s wise to pay attention to this trend. Here’s why.

Why work as an embedded software contractor?

1. It’s a stepping-stone to your dream job

Whatever kind of role you’re looking for in embedded software, a contract position in the field is a great way to build up your CV with valuable work experience. You may even get free training, and many clients will be interested in taking you on permanently when your contract ends.

2. Disadvantages become advantages

Being older or overqualified can make it hard to find permanent work, but with contract work, your experience will give you the edge. Employers will be looking for someone who can hit the ground running and perhaps even mentor their in-house software engineers.

3. Fast money

The permanent hiring process can be long-drawn-out, and even after you’re hired, it may be two full months before you see your first paycheck. With contract positions, you can be hired andearningin days – and many of them pay weekly. If you need moneynow,not in a few months, contract work could save you from having to borrow.

​4. Excellent pay rates

Your pay as a contractor is likely to be much higher than you’re used to as a permanent employee – although this will be partly offset by the lack of employee benefits like a pension plan, andunder the new IR35 rules, you may need to handle your own taxes.

5. Freedom

As a contractor, you’re free to move around, try out different roles and see what fits. If you want to take a long break between contracts, nobody can stop you. If you’re older, disabled, or just tired of frantic coding and want a slower pace of life, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of contract work. 

Why hire an embedded software contractor?

​1. Beat the talent drought

With the global embedded software set to top $20 billion by 2025, demand for good software engineers is soaring, and it’ll become harder and harder to find the people you need. Working with contractors gives you quick access to experienced talent.

​2. The skills you need, when you need them

Embedded software is a rapidly changing market, and the skills needed can vary widely from one project to another. Instead of spending valuable time, effort and money trying to upskill your permanent workforce to the required standard in each new competence, you can bring in experts in the field for the duration of the project and then swap them out for people with different skills when required.

​3. Save time and money

Permanent recruitment is a long, costly process. Filling a niche role that calls for hard-to-find skills is even more so. You can bypass this process and connect with the right talent quickly when you hire contract personnel.

If you have an embedded software position that needs filling for a project, a contract role will fit your requirements, contact our Business Development Manager Jon Armstrong at