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​Why become a Permanent Embedded Software Developer?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author: Lauren Patterson

Now is the most exciting time to be an embedded software developer. With IoT devices becoming more and more integral to our everyday lives, and the pace of technological innovation and change gathering speed constantly, consumers are clamouring for advanced intelligent technology.

This has created an urgent need for qualified and experienced embedded software professionals. While embedded software is seen as much more of a niche field than desktop development, it’s actually one of the most competitive fields in electronic engineering, from the highest echelons right down to entry level.

Embedded software developers design, develop, optimise and implement the software in IoT devices. They create code to solve any problems that arise with the devices and to allow them to talk to each other.

Every stage of the concept, from the initial briefing through the writing of the code, testing, troubleshooting, and finally delivery, is handled by embedded software developers. They make sure the embedded software fulfils its desired goals and allows the hardware to provide the best possible experience for the user.

As an embedded software developer, you’ll be faced with a choice between permanent and contract work.

Here we present some of the advantages of permanent roles in the field.

  1. As a full-time employee, you’ll receive a regular salary including paid holiday and sick leave.

  2. You’ll get benefits and perks that contractors don’t usually receive, such as a pension scheme, healthcare, and more.

  3. You’ll be seen as a full part of the company and may be offered shares or options, which could turn out to be worth a lot of money. This is how Silicon Valley employees get rich. While contractors may be able to negotiate equity, it’s much more common to be offered it as a full-time employee.

  4. You’ll have a career ladder and promotion prospects. Contractors are expected to know how to do the job already. As a permanent employee, you’ll find your company is willing to invest in your training and personal development and help you grow your career.

  5. You’ll make friends, potentially for life. While working relationships for a contractor are necessarily short-term, permanent employees can form close social bonds, and in a large organisation you’re likely to find people who share your interests. If you’ve noticed how hard it is to make friends after college, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of life as a permanent embedded software developer.

If a permanent Software Engineering role will suit your needs, contact our specialist Lauren Patterson to find you the perfect fit!