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Learning from the Elite Mindset – JAMs Olympian delivers seminar to Babcock

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author: Francesca Halsall

Fr​Learning from the Elite Mindset – JAMs Olympian delivers seminar to Babcock

How does an elite athlete keep motivated, remain resilient, overcome fear and make decisive decisions? And more importantly, how can an elite athlete’s experience translate to elite businesses?

This was the basis of a webinar session delivered by Fran Halsall last week to leading Engineering business, Babcock.

Halsall is a well-known personality; a World, Commonwealth and European Champion, former Olympian, World, European and British record holder and British champion for 11 continuous years, she is a regular in the media and has now joined JAM as a Community Manager.

Her talk to Babcock focussed on building the team’s mindset as well as looking at different areas where improvements can be made. She did this by focusing on her successes, but also by talking candidly about her failures. She took those lessons and applied them to the business environment to explain how there were significant parallels.

Simon Reid, Director at Babcock commented “Fran showed so much energy and was generous with her time. The reaction and messages I received from the team clearly shows how inspiring it was and it has opened up so much dialogue at a critical time for us on goals and resilience. The parallels with her career are fantastic and it was just perfect.”

Halsall said of working with Babcock, “It was great as they came with an open mind and enthusiasm. My successful career in elite sport, as well as experiencing failure on the global stage, has taught me many lessons, lessons that I can share with businesses to help build resilience, wellbeing, engagement and performance within teams. When you hear about how this has impacted individuals to making a change, it is extremely gratifying.”

JAM are now offering taster sessions and more substantive programmes to businesses, either as a standalone service or as part of the existing offering. John Morris, CEO, commented “For us at JAM it goes beyond simply recruiting top performing talent. With lockdowns, furloughs and remote working, now has never been a more opportune time to invest in your teams, but at the same time employees are looking for something unique that will help inspire and unite them further behind the business.”