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Working Alongside a Recruiter

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

By choosing to work with a specialist consultant, you will get advice from someone who knows your profession and industry. They will highlight your strengths and knowledge to recruiters.

Pros of using an expert recruiter?

Industry Knowledge

Expert recruiters know the ins and outs of your industry. We know the terminology used in your industry and also where you will be best to apply the skills you have. Also, we can provide advice on your salary level against the industry average.

CV Improvements

Expert recruiters have seen all types of CVs and continue to see hundreds of applications each week. Therefore, they are the best people who can identify whether your CV will stand out against the other applicants. They can give you advice on changes to make and you need to strengthen your CV.

Advantageous online branding

Social media has a growing importance for both the recruiter and the job seeker. An expert consultant can help to improve your social media so that you make a positive impression to prospective employers.

Recruiters are able to match you with the companies that you want to work with.

It can be hard to convey your professional personality and appearance through a CV or cover letter, however this is where a recruiter can help:

Strong relations with the hiring company allow us to get you the feedback you may not have received if you were to apply on your own. Also, the hiring company is more likely to trust our recommendations.

We have the know-how to be able to put you above other candidates for the same position and also negotiate the best deal for you.

Interview Preparation

We look for a positive outcome from every interview by matching the best candidates to the roles they suit most at companies they want to work for. Recruiters regularly prepare candidates to be in the position possible before going into an interview so they have a greater chance at being successful.

Baring in mind:

We will know the company and the manager and therefore be able to prepare specifically for that company and interview.

We can provide advice on your interview techniques and can guide on your improvements.

We can advise you on any industry knowledge gaps you may have.

Numerous Opportunities

Most likely, you will be meeting a consultant regarding a specific job role that you are particularly interested in. However you may have the skills and knowledge that match other job roles on the database that you may not be aware of, but, we will make sure you are aware of those and advise you on what direction to take.

We don’t want to just be your recruiter for the next job, we want to be your recruiter for a lifetime. This means we take great pride in providing the best match of candidates and job roles striving for the highest levels of satisfaction that we can achieve.