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Top 5 Misconceptions about Recruitment

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 5 years ago

Sometimes recruiters get a bad rep…there’s no denying that occasionally candidates will have a negative experience with a recruitment agency. More often than not, the criticism we receive can be down to a simple lack of understanding about what recruiters actually do.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about recruitment… debunked:

  • Recruiters only care about filling a role.

While it’s true that recruiters do need to fill vacant roles, this doesn’t mean you’ll be assigned to a role if your skills and experience don’t fit. A recruiter’s goal is to find the right candidate for the role to ensure both the candidate and the company are happy. A great recruiter will want to build a lasting relationship with the candidate and the hiring manager. Connecting a company with a poorly matched hire will only damage both relationships. You can feel confident recruitment companies want you to be qualified for and succeed in the role you’re placed in.

  • Recruiters only send CV’s.

Recruitment is a complex process which takes years of experience and training to master. Those who are top of their game have brilliant people skills and can quickly establish the best talent for their customers. This comes from becoming an expert in their chosen markets and understanding the values and objectives of each customer which is critical to any company looking to grow.

Recruiters invest a huge amount of time understanding the above which is tough when you’re having to evolve with market changes and industry trends.

Our consultants manage the full recruitment process which includes deciphering job specifications, advertising, head hunting, candidate shortlisting, interview scheduling, offer management and on-boarding.

‘I think recruitment is undervalued compared to some other professions.’

  • Recruiters have no impact on hiring decisions.

We may be the middleman, but if a recruiter has a trusting relationship with the Hiring Manager, their opinion will be valued, and it will be taken on board. At JAM, we work with multiple companies on an RPO basis… with these businesses we work as an extension to their HR teams and manage the entire recruitment process. This includes setting recruitment timelines, conducting first stage interviews, offer management and on-boarding.

Hiring managers sit on the fence regarding starting a new candidate a lot more than people think. It’s our industry expertise that can often push a new hire over the line to then get you your desired job and salary/rate, as well as a company their much needed new hire.

  • Recruiters are replaceable to their business as opposed to an asset.

Recruiters are experienced in matching candidates to opportunities that are ideal to them. As professionals in their field, each of JAM’s recruitment consultants’ are adept in assessing candidate suitability. This knowledge is derived from numerous years within their chosen discipline, training in competency based interview techniques and access to industry leading assessment tools.

At JAM, our consultants take the time to get to know their customers brand, hiring requirements and culture. This knowledge, experience and training makes a good recruitment consultant a real asset to a business.

  • Recruitment is about selecting a candidate, not the candidate choosing us.

Untrue. In today’s candidate driven market it is much more about the recruitment agency attracting the best people to your business. A careless and hurried approach can cause brand damage, and not attract the calibre of candidate you need. Professional, trustworthy recruiters are what candidates look for. At JAM we ensure all expectations a candidate could have are met. When a job becomes vacant, we always have candidates ready and waiting!

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