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Mental Health & Stress in the Workplace

Whilst 61% of employees have experienced stress where work was a related factor, it has been reported that people’s willingness to live with, work with and continue a relationship with someone with mental health problems has improved by 11%. We want this number to continue to rise and for positive mental health percentages to rise with it!

What businesses can do…

Regardless of the severity of the disorder it is extremely important it is recognised in the workplace and acted upon through making a number of positive changes! This can improve attendance, performance and engagement at work – let’s be honest, we all have days where we want to crawl into a ball and shut the world out, but maybe with some support and friendliness these days can be made better! This can be done in several ways such as…

  • Encouraging colleagues to talk about their feelings.
  • Offering internal and external help.
  • Maintaining frequent contact – It has been reported that people who are more socially connected to family, friends, work colleagues etc are happier, physically healthier and live longer!
  • Requesting regular updates on colleague’s state of mind.

Within the workplace, line managers could support mental health issues by being considerate and lenient with colleagues suffering from mental health problems… maybe offering flexibility? For example, working from home, later starts to ensure enough sleep is had, reducing tiredness and stress etc.

Our goal and how we act on it…

Here at JAM, we strive for all our colleagues to feel comfortable enough to openly discuss mental health and seek help when necessary. Line managers are friendly, approachable and understanding and as a team our aim is for everybody to be in a positive, happy mindset.

We promote positive mental health on a daily basis at JAM. We have just launched our ’20 Day Mental Wellness Challenge’ which has been designed to break the silence on mental health issues and help to re-define self-care. Our aim is for all colleagues to be able to manage daily stressors, feel comfortable enough to start a conversation around mental health, or address a common lifestyle trigger that impacts mental health.

What you can do to improve your mental health…

If you are reading this and know that you are struggling with poor mental health or stress in the workplace…

  • Remember to always talk about your feelings – a problem shared is a problem halved!
  • Keep active, exercise keeps the brain and body healthy and has been scientifically proven to help improve your mood!
  • Grab something healthy for your lunch – What we consume has a big impact on how we feel, not only physically but mentally as well!
  • Do things you’re good at and enjoy – if you succeed at something it instantly makes you feel better within yourself.
  • But, most importantly… Take time for YOU! Self-care is so important and taking time out of your day to de-stress yourself and have a break is vital!

Mental health can cause so many issues, especially when ignored within the workplace – so let’s make sure to check in on colleagues and be more approachable and understanding! Let’s make a change and drive the conversation about mental health!

Click here to view JAM’s 20 Day Mental Wellness Challenge, and try it for yourself!

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