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‘It’s the little things they do’ – Why JAM did it for The Christie

Why The Christie?

1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime, with almost 360,000 people diagnosed every year. The Christie Foundation has been named one of the best hospitals providing opportunities for patients to take part in clinical research, with over 550 active clinical trials today.

At JAM, we believe that together we can make a difference. As part of our commitment to CSR and inspiring change, we hold numerous charity events throughout the year. This year we selected The Christie as our chosen charity, and got to work raising money on ahead of our climb to the high top of Mount Snowdon.

‘My dad had cancer and they helped to cure him.’

By trekking the mighty Mount Snowdon (The highest Mountain in Wales!), we’ve raised nearly £2,000, enabling research, care, treatment, patient support and the training of future oncologists to further and progress the fight against cancer. Every little really does help…

The Christie Snowdon Challenge team

The Christie Charity provides enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds; ‘Christies is important to me personally for a couple of reasons’, alike anyone affected by cancer; The Christie doesn’t just improve one aspect of their lives, ranging from the obvious physical health, to mental and emotional health. ‘They are happy to help in any way, no matter how small’ – quoted by one of the members of our team.

The lengths Christies go to help don’t just stop with treatment but vary all the way to free wigs and a whole wig fitting department to go to for those who have lost their hair as known from personal experience of one of our own trekkers. Without donations and funding The Christie receives, wigs and other ‘little things’ would not be free of charge or possible. With each wig specifically costing from £70-£300. So far enough money has been raised for a potential 27 beautiful stock modacrylic wigs to be created and styled.

‘I lost my Mum to cancer, so ever developing research is crucial. A close friends son was very ill with a rare condition when he was born, The Christie saved his life on more than one occasion’

The Christie Foundation has been rated outstanding on more than one occasion, described as the ‘leader in cancer care’. On a more personal note to us at JAM the Christie has helped our family, friends and colleagues. In a recent survey of JAM’s Snowdon team on why The Christies is important, the following quotes were obtained…

“It’s close to my heart”
“It touches so many people, including my partners family”
“Christies are local and do amazing work”
“Christies are carrying out ground-breaking work which will hopefully lead to cures for future generations”
“Doesn’t matter who you are – everyone knows someone whose been affected”

To donate to The Christie, please visit JAM’s Mount Snowdon Challenge Just Giving page.

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