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The BAME Experience key takeaways #BlackHistoryMonth


Last month we attended The BAME Experience for Black History Month hosted by Inclusive Companies and Auto Trader UK to create BAME allies. The BAME Experience was set up as part of Auto Trader’s strategy, working alongside Inclusive Companies to lead in the campaign for change with the final aim of an inclusive society.

In celebration of Black History Month, the event was a great opportunity to recognise and value the contributions and life experiences of individuals and groups within BAME communities, highlighting the importance of non-BAME allies throughout.

The term BAME represents the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic population, often used when discussing diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Only 10% of the current UK workforce are BAME individuals, and because of this it is recognised as one of the most pressing issues within the employment industry right now.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Auto Trader’s play on the term BAME which is ‘Becoming A Multicultural Employer’ as it represents the way they recruit. Being named as a leader in the Top 50 inclusive UK employers 2019, Auto Trader take pride in investing and supporting their employees to ensure their diverse teams feel included and supported in every aspect of their roles. A prime example of how to conduct diversity and inclusion in the workplace effectively.

Workplace diversity and inclusion ensures that individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, giving everyone equal access to opportunities and resources, with the chance to contribute fully to the organisation’s success. Diverse workforces have tangible and direct benefits with statistics showing that it improves work culture, company performance and overall better represents the customer, heightening the chances of a better customer experience and therefore a chance of customer loyalty.

Research also shows that teams operating in an inclusive culture outperform their peers by a staggering 80%. Inclusion is an action; diversity is a result. By focusing on inclusion activities such as confronting stereotypes head on, it will inevitably increase diversity. When all individuals are treated equally and positively, it will attract others and build your company the kind of reputation you want.

The power of the ally

Throughout the event ‘the power of the ally’ was discussed, as many organisations explained that they’re looking to progress the idea of diversity allies to their new groups such as a man in a women in engineering group, a white person in an ethnic minority group or a straight person in a LGBT group. The ally can give groups better diversity, push home cultural acceptance and hold a great deal of power as the assumed ‘enemy’ is now a partner in the push for change.

Inclusion and diversity is now a central theme in the most progressive organisations strategy and will continue to occupy HR strategy for years to come, diversify your workforce today!

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