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Six of the best job search tips

Six of the best job search tips

If you’re to find the job you want, fast then you need to ensure you have as many avenues of communication with potential employers open as possible. These job search tips will show you how to leave no stone unturned.

Job Search Tip 1: Contact a recruiter

Most big organisations, and many smaller ones, engage a recruitment consultant to find the right candidate for them. While usually recruiters will advertise the job on an external job board sometimes, if they think they already have the right candidate for the job on their database, they will just go direct to them. One major job search tip is to make sure you’re on those databases by researching the relevant recruitment agencies for your sector, and making sure they know who you are, and that you’re looking for work!

Job Search Tip 2: Put your CV online

Many employers, and recruiters, will search for candidate CVs online. Upload your CV to reputable jobsites, and make sure you have as many of the right key words for your sector, such as MS Dynamics, Six Sigma, or Quality, included as often possible, as this is often what employers and recruiters will search for.

Job Search Tip 3: Set up alerts

Most of the major jobsites will allow you to set up alerts, whereby the jobs that match your criteria (e.g. Health and Safety Manager, North West) are emailed to you each day. It is also worth setting up Google alerts with key words for the jobs you’re looking for, as this will pick up adverts in places that are not yet on your radar, such as company websites. Remember, however, to not limit your search to online outlets. Many organisations will still advertise in newspapers and trade magazines.

Job Search Tip 4:Use your network

The old adage that 90 per cent of jobs aren’t even advertised, while not completely true, does bear some weight. Encouraging your networks to keep their ears to the ground will often provide leads you might not otherwise have found, and possibly even intelligence on positions that haven’t been advertised yet.

Speak to friends, family and your business network, and let it be known you’re looking for a new role and the sort of position you’re looking for. Engage a recruitment consultant who will be able to use his or her extensive network to find you a new role too.

Remember to exercise caution when taking this approach. If you don’t want your employer to find out you’re looking elsewhere, then telling everyone on your team to keep an eye out for your next step up is probably not a good idea.

Job Search Tip 5: Don’t limit yourself

The best thing you can do when job hunting is keeping an open mind. Don’t rigidly stick to the idea of only working in a certain type of company, or in a certain city. Once you widen your net a little you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities are out there, and how many of them would work for you.

This is obviously not an exhaustive list of job search tips – but just a select few that we feel will put you on the right track to finding a new job. Please feel free to share your job search tips below…

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