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How to leave a job with style

How to leave a job with style

Leaving a job can put you in a range of sensitive situations. Here’s some tips on how to leave a job with style.

Talk to your boss

Before you hand in a resignation letter, it is polite to arrange an appointment with your line manager to discuss the fact you are leaving. Go armed with reasons why you think this is the right move for you, and try to deliver the news in an upbeat way. Position yourself as leaving the job because a great opportunity has come up, rather than leaving because you desperately want to escape your current job.

In many instances, employers will do all they can to make you stay. Before speaking to your boss about leaving a job, it is worth deciding whether this is something you would consider, and what they would need to offer you to make you stay. Would more money do it, or would you only consider a change in role or a promotion?

If you are certain that you wish to leave, you should follow up this meeting with your resignation letter.

Resignation letter

This is a formality and doesn’t have to be long. A simple resignation letter stating the fact you’re leaving, your final day of employment and thanking the company and/or your boss for the opportunities they have granted you during your time at the company will suffice. This is a formal document and not the place to air any gripes you may have had during your time at the company.

Tell your colleagues

If appropriate to do so (e.g. your manager has not asked you to keep your resignation a secret in the short term), you can now tell your colleagues. Deliver the news in an upbeat way and don’t disparage the company. Remember, they still work there and you want them to remember you favourably.

Exit Interview

Many companies will conduct an ‘exit interview’ with outgoing employees, to help them determine how they can make the company a better place to work in the future. This is the place to air your views if you had any concerns about the company when working there, but remember, be measured and be constructive. Any feedback you give may well get back to management, and remember that they will be giving you references in the future.

If you’re thinking of leaving your job and still not sure how to go about it, please feel free to contact Matthew via the comments option below. They will be checking back regularly to give you as much advice as possible as to how to leave a job.

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