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How to get recruited as a software engineer

How to get recruited as a software engineer

For those with an interest in software development, establishing a career as a software engineer is often the end goal and can pay very well.

Becoming a software engineer may be a particularly desirable path for students given that, in the current climate, they are in high demand. While many industries are over-saturated with talent at the moment, the skills shortage in the software developer market means that you stand a much better chance of getting a job if you are interested in this area.

Once in the role, you are also more likely to get better pay, can ensure better job security and have a diverse number of options open to you.

Yet you still need to know how to impress potential employers and understand what will be required of you if you wish to get a job in this field. Making sure you use your time at university to get equipped with the right skills, ensuring you understand what you will be doing and impressing your interviewer are all important.

Choose a set of programming languages

To be in with any chance of getting a job as a software engineer, at the very least you need to understand programming languages.

There are many out there and different businesses have varying uses for them. Programming languages you will either have heard of or may have developed skills in using include PHP, HTML, SQL and JSON.

Having a degree in Computer Science or Computer Programming will put you in good stead, not least because you will have learned programming skills as part of your course but also because this formal qualification will give you a way to demonstrate this and that you have a high level of acumen for the job. It is worth choosing a selection of languages to study at university so that you can get a more diverse range of job options upon graduating.

Showing that you have niche skills will also put you above other candidates in terms of skills too. If you enjoy developing software for mobile phones, for example, this could put you in better stead going into interviews.

Understand what the job entails

When you get to the final semester of your third year, you should begin to apply for jobs and get a feel for the vacancies out there. Research companies and read job descriptions thoroughly before you apply, no two roles are the same.

Look into the kinds of problems that the company has solved in the past and the clients that they have worked with. The former may appeal to the reasons why you want to become a software engineer, showing whether or not you will find the role interesting. Meanwhile, having a list of clients on your CV that you can demonstrate will look great when moving up the career ladder.

Appeal to your interviewer

Lastly, you need to prove to the person reading your CV and the interviewer that you will be the right candidate for their company.

You need to show that you will be reliable, you will be able to communicate well with each other and that you will fit in well with the company. As software engineers often work within small companies, you will likely be working closely with your interviewer moving forward.

Therefore, be professional and knowledgeable but also friendly and try to make sure that you and your interviewer know that you will work well together.

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