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How to analyse a job advert

How to analyse a job advert

Suggesting that professionals may need help analysing job adverts may seem insulting, but it’s amazing how many job seekers don’t take the time to analyse how the information offered in a job advert can help, or hinder them in their application.

All employers have an ‘ideal candidate’ in mind when they advertise a job. Depending on the way the job market is skewed (i.e. whether there are too many or too few people looking for jobs on the market) they may never meet that dream employee. However, the job advert is somewhere they can paint a picture of that ideal candidate, and they don’t just do it through the ‘essential’ and ‘preferred’ criteria. The advert is also somewhere where jobseekers can find further clues about the company they may be applying to.

Take a look at this advert below. We’ve picked out some of the most relevant words.  

“Are you an experienced support systems administrator? Are you interested in working on an end to end implementation project? Are you seeking a challenging role, working for a household name organisation? “

You will act as the primary point of contact for issues around the system, ensuring that end user queries are resolved and supporting management with comprehensive management Informationdata and reports.You will be a customer focussed professional, with excellent troubleshooting experience and the ability to support key decision makers with relevant information and reports. You will be an effective communicator and a strong team player

Household name organisation – If it’s a household name, then the organisation must be pretty big, meaning that whatever job you’re going to be asked to carry out is also likely to be fairly significant.

Primary point of contact for issues around the system – Primary point of contact for whom? Management or the whole organisation? 

Supporting management – This gives you an idea of the sort of responsibility you will hold within the organisation. However, it’s worth noting that you may not be reporting directly to management yourself, your manager may act as an interface.

Customer focussed – Here perhaps, is the answer to the question regarding who you would be taking phonecalls from. If customer service skills are a requirement then it may be the whole organisation.

Excellent troubleshooting experience – To be good at troubleshooting you need to be a strategic thinker, be able to think on your feet and take decisive action quickly. Have you got those skills? It’s also worth noting that if you need excellent troubleshooting experience, there may be a few troubles to shoot at!

For all this, it’s important to remember that not all employers put the right amount of care and attention into developing an advert, and often their wish list of attributes will be somewhat unrealistic. If in doubt, and you think that you can do the job in question, speak to your recruitment consultant, who can tell you if you’re right for the job, and if the job is right for you.

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