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Good job interview techniques

good job interview techniques

With the current job market so competitive, it’s vital to make the right impression at a job interview in order to stand a chance against your competition. Make sure you’re aware of the following generic job interview techniques that will hold you in good stead…

  1. Preparation – Doing your research in advance is SO important. Understand the company and why you want this role in particular to avoid any embarrassing silences when asked the question. It’s also useful to put a folder together, containing copies of your CV and pieces of work you may want to refer to in the interview.
  2. Look smart – Even if it’s the second interview and the company has a dress down policy it’s always the safest bet to go with a smart suit and tie or neat skirt/dress.  After all, you may bump into the MD in the corridor!
  3. Have you got any questions? – It is acceptable to have a few questions written down as a prompt for when this part of the job interview crops up – but remember not to ask something that has already been answered! View our tips on what to ask at a job interview
  4. Punctuality – Plan your route BEFORE the day of your interview. It would also be useful to have a trial run so you know exactly where you’re going. On the day, ensure you leave in plenty of time to allow time for delays such as traffic or cancelled trains.
  5. Confidence – Make sure you have a firm handshake and maintain eye contact throughout the interview. This will demonstrate your confidence in what you are speaking about… even if you are feeling nervous!
  6. Give examples – You want to speak about your past experiences that highlight your successes and demonstrate why you are a good fit for the job. So be prepared with a number of examples.
  7. Listen – You can often get caught up thinking about how you are going to impress the interviewer with your previously mentioned examples that you actually forget to listen to their questions and comments. Avoid waffling about irrelevant topics by taking the time to listen.
  8. Follow up – After the job interview, ensure you contact your recruitment consultant with your feedback. How do you feel the interview went? Do you like the company? If you are working with a recruitment agency, it could also be a good idea to write a short letter highlighting your interest in the role and thanking the interviewer.  Do NOT invite the interviewer to connect on LinkedIn, feedback we have received is that this is ‘stalker’ like!!

Do you have any more winning job interview techniques? Or examples of how you have used these techniques at a recent job interview?

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