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Wanting a job in engineering? Consider Cisco.

Wanting a job in engineering? Consider Cisco.

It may have its headquarters in San Jose, California, but networking giant Cisco has become a worldwide force to be reckoned with. Designing and selling communications technology, the company has excelled on its way to the top since launching back in 1984. If you have the right skills and experience in networking systems, and are looking to climb up the career ladder within a large organisation, Cisco may be the way to go.

What do they sell?

Cisco first started off with just a multiple-protocol router, but now they offer a huge mass of products to businesses, schools and institutions. Under networking systems, they offer routers, optical networking and switches, whilst many businesses will opt in for its physical and virtual security systems, management and firewalls. More recently, Cisco has specialised in mobile and wireless products such as network controllers, access points, outdoor wireless and service exchange.

For the larger corporations, Cisco also offers data center storage, application networking services, audio and video conferencing, online meeting software and access servers.

Why should I work there?

To say Cisco is a pioneer in the field would be an understatement. Having won an array of sector awards, only the best and upcoming talent available works in a company like here. If you feel like you are up to the challenge, you should seriously consider applying for one of the many Cisco jobs available. You may also get the chance to travel around, which is a major perk!

What do I need?

The firm is always looking for people who have a background in hardware, software and system engineering. Of course you will need previous experience in a specific niche, depending on the position. These may include security, network design, logic simulation, hardware testing, routing and technical consultation.

Beyond the technical aspects, some employees may also need good communication skills as you may find yourself interacting with customers in the future. Therefore, having past experiences of sales or products may be worth putting down on your cover letter and CV, even if you do not deem it applicable. If it is technical management you are going into, teamwork and oral skills are always a prerequisite.

How can I apply?

The first phase will be an application process where you can specify what position you want and then there will be a full document to fill in. After a short period of time, you may then be asked for an interview; the first of which will take place over the phone. This will be a brief talk to see if you are suitable for the position or not, so it will be a great time to highlight your past experience and qualifications. If you pass this stage, they will then want to meet you in person, so be sure to have a series of questions prepared to ask them about the position and company.

If you are looking for your next big challenge, it may be time to move onto something larger. Cisco may indeed be the way to go.

Design Engineering and IT and Software

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