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Head of Business Development - Marine

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Lead Project Controller

  • Salary: £42 - £43 per hour Location: Portsmouth, England

News round-up: Firms facing information crisis

News round-up: Firms facing information crisis

The rise of big data, social networking and mobile interactions, along with an acceleration in the amount of structured and unstructured information enabled by cloud-based technologies, is forcing organisations to focus on the enterprise information that is most relevant, value-generating and risk-related.

A new report from Gartner predicts that by 2017 a third of major organisations will experience an information crisis, due to their inability to effectively value, govern and trust their enterprise information.

Andrew White, research vice president at Gartner, said: "It is likely that a number of organisations, unable to organise themselves effectively for 2020, unwilling to focus on capabilities rather than tools, and not ready to revise their information strategy, will suffer the consequences."

Norway to debate fossil fuel investment

Norway is set to debate whether the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund should halt its investment in oil, gas and coal companies.

An agreement between the two governing centre-right parties and two of their allies will see them set up an expert group to look into Norway’s $840 billion oil fund’s investments in fossil fuels.

Currently, oil and gas companies represent 8.4 per cent of the oil fund’s equity investments, which amounts to about $44 billion, with three of the top ten holdings as of December 31st being oil companies BP, Royal Dutch Shell and BG Group.

Svein Flaatten, the Conservative MP and spokesman for financial affairs, told the FT that the group will consider whether the best strategy to address climate questions as an owner of fossil-fuel related investments is to make influence through ownership or by finding responsible criteria for exclusions.

Deal lays course for manufacturing growth

Sheffield University has signed a deal to secure 50 acres of land at Sheffield Business Park, which will support the progress of plans to create a critical mass of advanced manufacturing businesses along the Parkway corridor.

The developments will build on the success of the University of Sheffield's investment in the original Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park at Catcliffe.

The first development on the new site will be Factory 2050, which will combine a range of technologies, including advanced robotics, flexible automation, unmanned workspace, 3D printing and new programming and training tools.

IT and Software

Fully integrated platforms to gain interest by 2018

Fully integrated platforms to gain interest by 2018

Company spend on new technology is set to veer further towards fully integrated-as-a-service solutions...

Microsoft ERP's 2012 global revenue led by Dynamics AX

Microsoft ERP’s 2012 global revenue led by Dynamics AX, says estimates

Following recent estimates by Gartner that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2012 revenue had seen...

Cisco is a pioneer in networking solutions

Wanting a job in engineering? Consider Cisco.

It may have its headquarters in San Jose, California, but networking giant Cisco has...