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Cisco and MS Dynamics News Round-up (week ending September 27th)

Cisco and MS Dynamics News Round-up (week ending September 27th)

It’s been a busy fortnight for both Microsoft Dynamics and Cisco. Here are a few highlights.

Cisco unveils new ‘Internet of Everything’ router

Cisco has revealed a new NCS router that has been designed especially in reaction to the ‘Internet of Everything’, with the ability to cope with large amounts of data centre traffic.

It is able to handle petabits of data and trillions of events, so to put this in perspective, it can move an entire Netflix library in less than a second. The system can even integrate with the Unified Computing System (UCS) and correspond with the Open Networking Environment (ONE) Service Provider Architecture, which will reduce both ownership cost and power consumption by 45 per cent and 60 per cent respectively.

The NCS 6000 and 2000 are currently both shipping, while the NCS 4000 will be available to the public in the first half of next year.

Early favourite features start to emerge from CRM 2013

With the launch of MS Dynamics CRM 2013 just around the corner, certain features are quick becoming favourites for beta users.

Even though involved partners have been keeping the software top secret from the public, some major developments have leaked. According to MSDynamicsWorld, Dynamics CRM developer Roshan Mehta at Magnetism Solutions Limited praised the ‘Quick Create’ form, whereby simply clicking on ‘Create’ at the top navigation bar users are able to quickly create records for core entity types from anywhere in the system.

Other favourite features that have emerged include users being able to set their default start page, the ability to create real-time workflows and searching for records by phone activity and phone numbers.

The software will be launched to the public in October.

Microsoft defends double authentication service in Azure

Microsoft has rolled out its two-factor authentication service which allows admins to add an extra layer of security to the Azure cloud service.

Users can authenticate either through an automated voice call, on their mobiles or by a text message. However, this new protocol not only doubles prices but it gives enterprises a service-level agreement. Speaking to El reg, a Microsoft spokesman defended the software: “The Preview period allows time to get customer feedback on new features and offers before being generally available. When the service becomes generally available, an SLA is added and pricing discounts offered during Preview are removed.”

If estimations are correct, Microsoft authentications will cost firms more than the free Amazon Web Services.

Cisco encourages female interest in technology at US2020

Networking firm Cisco revealed just how many girls are interested in what is often regarded as a male-dominated field.

In it’s new US2020 initiative, the firm gave a large group of female teenagers the chance to break an old IBM tower down to its components, while others were asked to identify hard drives, USB ports and heat sinks. Cisco specialists were on hand to help the girls from Ocala and ACE Charter middle schools in the US.

The event is part of wider plans by various technological firms to get more children, especially girls, interested in technology so that it could be considered as a potential career pathway for them in the future.

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Cisco and MS Dynamics News Round-up (week ending September 13th)

It’s been a busy fortnight for both Microsoft Dynamics and Cisco. Here are a...

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