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Expatriate Payroll Assistant - Japanese Speaking

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JAM is making a hubbub about the aerospace hub of the North

north west hub

Everyone knows the aerospace hub is in the South. So much so that aerospace specialists living in the North of England often rely on contracting roles based down South.

Many see the higher contractor rates as compensation for having to work away from home and to cover the inevitable breaks between jobs. But a second hub is growing in the North West – and we have decided to shout about it.

Shout out!
JAM has established relationships with a number of the aerospace clients in the North West. There are a number of clients in the hub, plus other employers to consider for those willing to jump on the motorway to local cities.

“Most of these companies are within a 40-minute radius,” said JAM’s Principal Account Manager Becky Mason, “And those who are tempted to move up North for a role are often surprised how easy it is to move companies without having to move house if they decide to spread their wings.”

Don’t be bored
These North West clients are offering permanent roles that are Tier 1/2 focused, which gives more diversity over OEM – perfect for anyone who thinks they’d be bored quickly after years of jumping contracts.

And they have a range of roles on offer from low and medium level right up to manager and director level.

The Manchester market is seeking long-term potential – and our clients want people who are committed and want to gain development and skills in their careers. Recruitment is steady and project dependent in most companies.

So does it all add up?
Yes. It adds up career wise. Too many people write off the North because of the lack of primes, but can’t believe the opportunities available if they scratch the surface.

Becky Mason said: “The biggest surprise for most candidates is the increased career exposure that working with Tier 1 companies offers.”

Yes. It adds up financially. Although the salaries being offered are lower, there are no additional living and travel costs.

Also, permanent roles offer a range of benefits that would be expensive for a contractor to purchase independently.

And house prices and the general cost-of-living are significantly lower in and around Manchester.

Getting serious
Yes. It adds up regarding work/life balance too. Our candidates find they can commit to serious career roles without facing feelings of disconnection and exhaustion associated with constant travelling and split living.

Transport links are good too, with many employees choosing to live in the surrounding areas of Cheshire, Warrington, Liverpool, West Yorkshire and Preston as well as Greater Manchester.

Becky has a final word for those not sure about committing to a move North West just yet: “JAM has a number of contract roles for those people who want to dip their toe in first.”

Key recruitment areas

> Systems Engineers
> Manufacturing/ Production Engineering (Quality, Test, Process)
> Operations Directors (Electronics Manufacturing)
> Chief Systems Engineers
> Naval Architects
> Marine Systems Engineers

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Get in touch with Principal Account Manager and Aerospace specialist Becky Mason

Send your CV, covering your experience and career to date, to Becky Mason

If your CV hits the mark, Becky will invite you to attend a telephone interview.

You should expect to take part in a two-stage interview process for most roles.

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