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Senior Shift Manager

  • Salary: £60,000 - £65,000 per year Location: England

Shift Manager

  • Salary: Not Disclosed Location: England

Mechanical Engineering Survey 2013

Mechanical Engineering Survey

JAM recently surveyed over 630 Mechanical Engineering professionals to discover salary and employment trends in the industry.

How does your salary and experience compare with others in the industry. Click here to view the full survey report.

The survey found the next year is a great time to develop your career in mechanical engineering, with over 60% of the surveyed professionals stating their company will be maintaining or increasing staffing levels in the next 12 months.

Other key findings include:

– Over half of companies are paying for employees training and exams.

– The average annual salary is £35,000.

– The average contract daily rate is £251.

– Germany and China are highlighted as Britain’s biggest rivals in mechanical engineering.

Click here to view the survey report

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