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Time management tips for a successful job search

Time Management

It’s true – looking for a job can often feel like a full time job in itself. Finding the time to search for work is never easy, and effective time management is so important to ensure you’re not wasting the precious time that you have.

So get rid of your time wasting habits and make the most out of your job search with these top time management tips:

1. Set priorities

Effective time management begins with setting priorities. List everything you know you need to do that will benefit your job search (i.e. update CV, write cover letter, update LinkedIn profile, register with job boards etc). Once you have a list, go through it and group tasks in order of urgency. Stick to no more than 3 categories (i.e. very urgent, important and things that can wait).

2. Set up a schedule

Once your have your list of priorities, you can now use them to build a schedule of job search activities that’s right for you. Ensure you commit to a certain set of activities that you can repeat daily or weekly. Be realistic – don’t steal time from other commitments such as family time, sleeping or exercise – or you’ll end up failing to stick to your schedule.

Use a calendar application and set reminders for your various tasks, and remember to add reminders for follow up activities.

3. Don’t procrastinate

Ok, so your reminder has popped up on your phone/screen for you to conduct today’s job search activity. Turn off everything that could distract you, such as email, TV and mobile phones, and logout of your social media accounts. Remember effective time managements requires you to stay focussed on the task at hand and not letting yourself get sidetracked.

4. Track your activities

Keep a notepad handy and make a note of all of your completed activities. This way you don’t end up wasting time applying for jobs you’ve already applied for and/or chasing up hiring managers you’ve already emailed.

5. Create an efficient workspace for your job search

Pick a comfortable, distraction free place to conduct your job search. Ensure it’s tidy and has everything you’ll need to complete your job search activities (i.e. laptop / telephone / note pad / pen / webcam (for virtual interviews) / reference books / CV printouts).

It takes time to refocus yourself after interruptions, so strive for a workspace where intrusions will be minimal.

6. Sign up for job alert emails

Rather than wasting time scrolling through pages and pages of irellevant roles across a vast array of online job boards and recruitment agency websites, you can now sign up to receive up to receive job alerts for the latest roles that match your skills, location and salary preferences. Many allow you to set these up so you receive them at a frequency that suits you (i.e. instantly / daily / weekly), so you can add checking these alerts to your schedule.

7. Deal with a recruitment consultant

If you’re still struggling to manage your time effectively, take your search to an experienced recruitment consultant who can manage your job search from start to finish. This will include providing advice and guidance for writing your CV, looking for suitable positions, liaising with potential employers and organising interviews. To find a consultant who can take the hassle out of your job search, contact JAM.

If we’ve missed anything, add your tips for time management in the comments below.

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