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Manufacturing Systems Engineer

  • Salary: Not Disclosed Location: Wimborne, England

Manufacturing Engineer

  • Salary: Not Disclosed Location: Wimborne, England

How to write a brilliant LinkedIn Headline

How to write a great LinkedIn headline

If you’re in the market for a new job, you want to ensure you get noticed for all the right reasons. Potential employers use LinkedIn to search for matches to their open roles, so it’s important to make sure your profile stands out from your competition.

Your LinkedIn headline is a fantastic place to start as it’s the only customisable personal information people will see about you in search results, group discussions and their home feeds. If you haven’t got anything interesting written in your headline, why would an employer click on your profile over any other Tom, Dick or Harry?

4 tips to make sure your LinkedIn headline stands out

  1.  Use keywords – Using the right words (like the keywords in the job title of the job you are targeting) will increase the probability that your profile will appear in an employer’s search for someone with those skills. The more technical the keywords are here – the better (i.e. software, certifications etc).
  2. Summarise your value proposition – Concisely promote what you’re trained in and the expertise you have. For example, if you have completed a degree in Electronics, your value proposition could be ‘Degree qualified Electronics Engineer’.
  3. Highlight that you’re searching for new opportunities – Try to avoid simply putting ‘seeking new opportunities’. Be specific and say that you’re seeking specific opportunities in a specific industry: ‘Degree qualified Electronics Engineer seeking new opportunities in RF Design Engineering’.
  4. Be memorable –  Try to be creative and/or funny so that your headline get’s remembered by the people that matter.

Your turn!

To change your LinkedIn headline, simply login to LinkedIn, click on My Profile / Edit and Headline –  then change it. You only have 120 characters so make sure you’re concise and make your words count!

What is the best LinkedIn headline you’ve ever seen? Please share it in the comments below!

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