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Women scientists get over 10,000 votes

Lego Lady

It would seem that female scientists are more popular than we thought – the plastic variety that is!

A range of female scientists and their lab tools is the latest idea submitted to Lego to be approved via the “Lego Ideas” project, where toy enthusiasts can submit ideas for new Lego characters and structures.

Any idea that receives over 10,000 votes from the public is evaluated by a team of designers and marketers – and the Research Institute range is the latest range to meet board approval.

The pink-free series of toys has been well thought out, and not only includes the typical laboratory scientist, but also comprises an astronomer with a telescope and a paleontologist with a dinosaur skeleton.

“I think it’s a shame that Lego didn’t think to launch the range without being pushed,” said Natasha Robbins, Senior Recruitment Consultant: Science & Medical, “But I’m pleased it was approved once it got the required votes.”

The story is reminiscent of the GoldieBox toy created to inspire girls to become engineers that we reported on in our blog in May 2013.

You can get your hands on your own set when the range hits the shops in August.

Find out more about the Lego Ideas project.

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