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Security Vetting Advisor

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HR Director - Bolton

  • Salary: Bonus + Benefits Location: Bolton, England

Put yourself to the top of the pile

Make the right first impression – on paper
Just as you wouldn’t turn up to an interview or important meeting with scuffed shoes and an untucked shirt, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to make a good first impression on paper.

A strong CV should sell you from the first line. Which is why you should consider leading with a title that promotes you as being the perfect candidate for the role.

When a recruiter passes your CV to the hiring manager, it will be one of a number of CVs they see. Any clever design tricks that make your CV stand out could go against you where the hiring manager is a traditionalist. So you need the words you use to do the work for you.

What’s in a name – or title?
You want your CV to be the one that’s remembered as perfect for the job – the one the hiring manager pulls out and puts to the top of the pile.

Say, for example, you’re a Quality Engineer. You CV title should lead with this job tile. But as you’ll be up against a number of quality engineers for a quality engineer role, your job title alone is not enough.

Are you going for a senior role? Then ‘Lead Quality Engineer’ may be more suitable.

If you’re going for a specific quality engineering role, your title should cover the expert knowledge required, such as ‘Quality Engineer – Pareto, RCA, CAPA’.

What do you want?
If you’re going for a hybrid role where you will be moving into management as well as fulfilling typical quality engineering requirements, a title such as ‘Quality Engineering Management’ may be more suitable.

And if your point of applying for a job is to move into a specialist area within your field, then use a title highlighting this, such ‘Quality Engineer looking to focus on reliability’.

If you’re unsure of what words to use in your title, take a lead from the advert for the job you’re applying for and mirror the language used.

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