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New Year, New You – Developing a Personal Brand

Develop your personal brand to find your next career

Tips for how to achieve your professional goals in 2016 by building your online personal brand

The term ‘branding’ has long been related to companies, but with the surge of social media, almost all individuals have their own ‘personal brand’, however refined that may be.

If you’re on the search for a new career opportunity in 2016, (according to Indeed, 30% of UK workers are looking to make a career change this year) it’s vital to ensure you nurture your personal brand, to promote yourself as the best candidate for potential roles that come your way.

Here’s five ways to build your personal brand, to ensure it’s not holding you back in your job search.

1. Utilise multiple platforms

Don’t just rely on LinkedIn for your personal brand. It’s no use developing a fantastic LinkedIn profile, filled with amazing recommendations and professional achievements, if a quick search on Facebook can reveal your true party lifestyle. Ensure you’re aligning your presence on all of your online profiles, completing your profiles as accurately as possible. When completing your profiles, remember this simple rule… if in doubt, take it out!

2. Demonstrate your accomplishments

Remember your online presence is serving as your ‘online CV’. It’s important to make sure your potential future employers can see how hard you’ve worked and how effective you’ve been in your previous/current positions. Whenever you complete a project, start a new initiative or complete a training course, remember to show off about it throughout your online profiles.

3. Audit your online presence

Set up Google alerts for your name so you can understand what is being said about you online. Remember to set up instant alerts so you can be as responsive as possible.

4. Build strong associations

Your personal brand can be strengthened by your association to other brands, whether that be personal brands or company brands. What companies, schools and colleagues do you want to build a strong association with? Think about what online groups you can join, online recommendations you can gain and opportunities to write guest posts for blogs. These connections/associations can add real credibility to your personal brand, and elevate you above your competition.

5. Post frequently

A strong personal brand is ever evolving. Show that your active within your industry and that you care about your brand and your network. Share relevant news articles and insightful content, promote your achievements or current projects you’re working on and open yourself up to questions and discussions with your network. It’s also a great idea to get involved in relevant LinkedIn groups, through this you’ll open up your network even further, and build your presence in your industry.

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