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Lessons your workplace should take from the Women’s World Cup

World Cup fever is upon us again. This time it’s the turn of the Lionesses, who so far have put in a number of inspired and exciting performances.

In many ways, we can learn a lot from successful sports teams that can help us tremendously in the workplace. Here’s the top lessons your workplace should take from the Women’s World Cup…


Patience is definitely a virtue; especially in the workplace! Demonstrating patience at work is essential to ensure you can get through what you need to get through whilst managing other things at the same time.  Being patient shows you are determined to succeed, however recognise that there may be bumps in the road and things may not always go your way.

This was evident in the Women’s World Cup when England’s team were the victims of offensive behaviour throughout the duration of Cameroon match, however, continued to remain calm and win the match 3-0! It shows that being patient will always place you in a better position than behaving recklessly!


Working well within a team is undeniably one of the most essential skills in the workplace. Strong teamwork can speed up your workload and demonstrates not only good communication skills but selflessness as you want to celebrate your teammates success in the same way you would celebrate your own.

Teamwork is imperative when there is more than one person working to achieve the same goal, like demonstrated again by the Lionesses as they achieved success through working as a group, with group strategies, and celebrating each other’s successes in the same way they celebrated their own.

Perseverance & Determination

Having not only the motivation but the perseverance and determination to succeed is what will keep you going in your job. Some days you will feel tired and run down and other days you will feel motivated, however, perseverance and determination is what will keep you at the top of your game.

Knowing what your goals are and being persistent in achieving them is essential as you begin to feel a weight lifting off your shoulders as you start ticking things off your to-do list, consistently shown by the Lionesses as they saw their goal and didn’t stop until they got there!

If we’ve learnt anything from the Women’s World Cup this year, it’s to never stop until you are happy with what you’ve achieved! We’ll be cheering on the team tonight as they face USA in the semi-final!

Come on England!

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