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Keeping motivated in your job search

Keeping motivated in your job search

Top tips to keep you at the top of your game

Searching for a new job can be hard work. Tailoring your CV, drafting cover letters and attending interviews are all time consuming and at times, dull.

If you’re receiving rejection letters, or feel like you’re not having much success, it can be difficult to stay motivated. Here are our top tips to keep you at peak performance throughout your search.

Get organised

It’s amazing how being well organised can help you keep positive and motivated. Keeping a mental note of the applications you’ve made and the other jobs you need to go for simply isn’t enough. Set up a separate ‘job hunt’ folder on your lap top, and create an excel document tracking the applications you need to make and the applications you’ve already made. Have tabs for things like closing dates, feedback and any
useful contacts you may have made in the course of your job hunt.

Set targets

Setting targets helps to make a job search more manageable, and allows you to know when you’re on the right track. Set a target of, for example, three job applications a week and stick to it. Your targets don’t have to be limited to actual job applications either. You could also set targets for attending networking events and recruitment fairs, or for researching local businesses who may be on the look-out for someone with your skillset.

Don’t believe the doom and gloom.

If you believed everything you heard on the news, you’d think there were no jobs available in Britain at the moment and that your chances of finding a new job are zero. This isn’t the case. Remember, the media loves a good doom-and-gloom story. Don’t let scaremongering dishearten you and distract you from your search.

Be kind to yourself

Depending on what sector you’re working in, finding a new job can sometimes take a while. Accept this, and don’t beat yourself up if things are moving slowly. Be pragmatic  about any interviews you didn’t succeed at. If you’re not right for them, the chances are, they’re not right for you. It’s worth always asking for feedback so you can learn from any mistakes you might have made.  In the meantime, keep on focussing on the
positives in your current job and looking for experience that can broaden your CV even further.

Ask the experts

It’s always easier to stay motivated if you have someone fighting your corner. You can take much of the hard slog out of job hunting by working with a specialist recruitment consultant, who will be able to do the job searching for you.

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