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How to stay positive at work

How to stay positive at work

Hump day is here again. We’re halfway through the working week, and for many, the rest of the week can feel like an uphill battle. But do you let this struggle affect your attitude in a negative way? Do you find yourself complaining and just generally being more and more grumpy as the week goes on?

Your negativity could potentially be seriously damaging your career and having a major impact on the team around you. Perpetual complainers bring the team down, they damage productivity and limit their own possibilities.

So, it’s time to put your positive pants on and take a strong dose of midweek motivation. Read our top tips on how to stay positive at work, and avoid becoming the workplace Negative Nigel…

1. Learn something new

On-the-job learning is a great way to build up your CV and improve your job satisfaction. Find out what training and development opportunities are available to you at your company. If that’s not an option, speak to your co-workers or managers if you can accompany them on their duties, and learn about what they do.

2. Show gratitude to others

Simply saying thank you to others can have a huge effect on positivity in your workplace. In fact, a recent study found that in organisations where recognition occurs, employee engagement and productivity are about 14% better than in those where recognition doesn’t occur.

3. Teach others

It feels great to be needed. Do you have a particular skill that’s hard to come by in your workplace? Why not offer to train number of your colleagues on the basics? Your coworkers will appreciate the time you’ve made for them, and you’ll feel great knowing you’ve made a positive impact on their careers.

4. Take regular breaks

Often, the source of negativity is boredom or exhaustion. So nip these feelings in the bud, and take yourself away from your desk at regular intervals. Just a five minute break to make a drink, get some fresh air or a trip to the bathroom can make all the difference. When you return you’ll be feeling much fresher and with a more positive attitude towards your work.

5. Stay hydrated

If you don’t drink enough water you will feel tired and get headaches, leaving you feeling grouchy. Ensure you always have a glass of water at your desk and take regular sips throughout the day.

6. Build positive relationships with your coworkers

Whether that be during work or after work. Many people spend more time with their coworkers than they do with their own spouse, so it’s important to be able to have a friendly relationship with your colleagues. If some of the team are going out for dinner or drinks, tag along once in awhile. It helps build a community and makes you feel more connected and comfortable in the workplace. Having a good relationship with coworkers also means you feel more supported in your duties, which in turn can significantly reduce stress levels.

7. Smile! 

Smiling makes you feel better, even when you’re not feeling happy. So, smile when you greet your colleagues in the morning. Smile when you’re in a meeting. Smile when you pass a colleague in the hall. Smile as much as possible, and see how much it will improve your working week!

Put these steps to use, and you’ll reap the benefits that come with a positive attitude at work.

How do you stay positive at work? Let us know in the comments or Tweet us @JAM_Recruitment

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