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Senior Shift Manager

  • Salary: £60,000 - £65,000 per year Location: England

Shift Manager

  • Salary: Not Disclosed Location: England

Could Eugene Goostman get a job?


When we heard that a computer program called Eugene Goostman managed to pass the Turing test as a ‘human’, we started to wonder how long it would be before an artificial intelligence character could build itself a career in the real world.

But the fact that Eugene is a chat bot and not a human being means he’d be foiled the minute he couldn’t walk into the interview room. And so he wouldn’t get the job.

Machines may have replaced humans in certain areas of manufacturing, for example, but there are still some jobs that need to be left to humans.

When companies wants to hire a human to do these particular jobs, the reason they meet them at interview is to check they’re a good fit to the other humans already working there.

Which is why letting your personality shine through at interview is so important.

Make sure you come across as confident and approachable by making eye contact and smiling – two easy and natural non-verbal gestures that poor Eugene can’t do.

Other body language tips to keep in mind are to sit up straight rather than slouching, even if it’s not particularly comfortable.

You should also try not to fidget while the interviewer is talking and avoid scratching your face or playing with your hair when you answer.

Ultimately though, focus on being yourself. If you come across as honest and friendly, a little bit of scratching or slouching won’t influence the interviewer too much.

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