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Aerospace & Defence Consultant Q&A

Meet Matthew Peet, Senior Account Manager in JAM’s Aerospace & Defence team. Matthew has been working in recruitment for around 9 years and concentrates specifically on Software recruitment within the Aerospace & Defence industry.

Find out what Matthew has to say about the world of Aerospace and Defence recruitment and his tips for success for software professionals in the industry.

How long have you worked within aerospace and defence recruitment?
“I have been working in aerospace and defence  for the past 1.5 years and have concentrated specifically on Software Engineering roles within this industry. I previously worked on niche roles with the NHS for high level consultants into NHS hospitals.”

Do you have any areas of specialism within aerospace  and defence recruitment?
“I specialise in placing people into contract roles, UK wide, mainly within the Software Engineering side of aerospace and defence.”

Can you think of two distinct roles within the aerospace industry where candidates move easily between them because the skills required are similar even though the roles are different?
“Software Developers who have experience of Ada, C++ & Java will generally have very transferable skills within the aerospace and defence industry. As they have also worked within safety critical environments this can make them very desirable to numerous companies.”

What are the main skills that are transferrable between the two roles?
“Ada, C++, Java, along with a background within aerospace/defence, particularly mission critical/safety critical systems.”

Which skills are ‘missing’ when going from one role to the other?
“All companies look for different variants of skills. However, in particular, many require more advanced skills in C++.”

What changes does a candidate need to make to their CV to improve their chances of moving roles?
“List all of your skills sets within Software Development, don’t assume that someone looking through your CV with be able to associate the technologies that you have been using on a project.”

Are there any big changes expected in aerospace and defence recruitment?
“Over 60% of aerospace companies in the UK are expected to grow by over 10% in the next year as they have a large backlog of aircraft orders. This large backlog equates to around £150bn. Lots of aerospace companies are also returning to the UK from the likes of the US, China and Latin America, due to lower logistics costs and also better quality.”

Interested in a new Software Development role in aerospace and defence?
Get in touch with Matthew Peet today.

Send your CV, covering your experience and career to date, to Matthew

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