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Systems Engineer - Aerospace

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5 tips for celebrating Halloween in the Workplace

Halloween in the Workplace

Despite Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, many workplaces are still getting into the spooky spirit, and celebrating a day early. But Halloween can be a minefield of potential horrors, with many people frequently crossing lines that could offend or embarrass their colleagues/themselves.

Don’t let the ghosts of bad form ruin your otherwise sparkling reputation. Read our five top tips for celebrating Halloween in the workplace, and avoid becoming the office fright show.

1. Be mindful of your Halloween fancy dress.

A Halloween costume has the scope to offend, so be mindful not to wear anything too revealing, offensive or violent. Also ensure your costume is comfortable enough to wear all day, and that it doesn’t affect your ability to work, or those around you!

2. Respect your fellow employees.

For some, Halloween is a sacred holiday, for example Pagans. Respect your colleagues choice to treat Halloween as a day for sombre reflection or not participate in the workplace Halloween celebration at all.

3. Take it easy on the witches brew.

Workplace Halloween parties are becoming more and more popular. Have fun, but don’t let yourself get out of control. Too much witches brew, and your inhibitions can go out of the window. Don’t end up doing something that could haunt you until next year!

4. Lighten the mood with office treats.

Bring in a selection of Halloween treats, your colleagues will appreciate this small gesture. Or, if you’re new to the business, it’s a great way to strike up conversations with your co-workers.

5. Beware of office pranks!

For many, Halloween is the opportune time to play some devious pranks. But sometimes, the pranks can be taken too far, and can be seen as bullying and offend/upset your colleagues, or it can distract you from your actual work. Keep your office pranks light hearted, and to a minimum.

Do you have any stories of Halloween in the workplace? Things that went well, or things that haunted you and your colleagues until the following Halloween?! Tweet us @JAM_Recruitment with your stories, using #JAMMYHalloween.

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