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Senior Shift Manager

  • Salary: £60,000 - £65,000 per year Location: England

Shift Manager

  • Salary: Not Disclosed Location: England

Software and Electronics Survey

JAM recently conducted a survey of over 400 software and electronics industry professionals to discover their thoughts on the state of their industry today.

The results from this survey will enable JAM to keep abreast with the sector, in order for us to continue to provide you, our clients and candidates with relevant and realistic solutions.

Key findings

  • Many software and electronics professionals feel underpaid in their current role.
  • With a lack of training and development opportunities, the majority of electronics and software professionals feel the only way they will progress in their career is by moving jobs.
  • An apprenticeship-led route to software and electronics careers could be a potential solution to the skills shortage.
  • There is a lack of women within the industry.

To view the full survey report please click here: Software and Electronics Survey

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