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Detail Designer - Piping

  • Salary: £28 - £29 per hour Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Electrical Team Leader

  • Salary: £31 - £32 per hour Location: Portsmouth, England

EEF and JAM Skills for Growth Survey

As part of JAM’s ongoing partnership with EEF, together we have conducted a survey entitled ‘Skills for Growth: A more productive and flexible labour force’.

The report looks at how training providers, qualifications and apprenticeship frameworks must respond to what manufacturers need.

There was a number of key findings from the survey including…

  • Staffing problems are driven by candidates’ lack of technical skills and experience, as well as a lack of applicants for jobs
  • Large number of companies expect skill needs to increase in next three years
  • Majority said training spend would moderately or significantly increase in next two years.

John Morris, chief executive of JAM Recruitment, said: “At a time of rising unemployment, we have to actively promote the opportunities in the sector to younger generations. As it stands, the government is doing too little to educate at a grass-roots level about the benefits of choosing a career in manufacturing.

How many school leavers today are aware that starting salaries for engineers are often significantly higher than in other jobs, for example?”

To view the full EEF/JAM Recruitment Skills for Growth survey report Click here

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